Immigration Medical Exams for the Whole Family

Doctor Cotton office provides all the necessary medical services to fulfill immigration exam requirements for US citizenship applicants of all ages.

Undergoing a medical examination as part of the immigration application process can be a stressful experience for some individuals and families.
However, we at Dr Cotton office usually strive to create a comfortable and stress-free environment for the whole family.

If you have specific concerns regarding the medical examination or you want to make an appointment:


Our immigration physical
exam price includes:

– Physical Examination

– RPR Blood Test

– Gonorrhea Urine Test

– Tuberculosis Test

– Quantiferon Gold

– Review of the immunization and vaccination records

– Completed I-693 Form & vaccination records in a sealed and signed envelope

What to bring to your exam?

– A government-issued photo identification document (passport/green card/driver’s license)

– If available, please bring any copies of foreign or domestic immunization and vaccination records

What else to expect?

– Same-day Immigration Medical Exam appointments are available, please call us at 786-464-8666

– Only USCIS civil surgeon doctors can sign and seal USCIS I-693 Form, once the envelope is sealed it cannot be opened by the applicant

– In most cases sealed envelope can be picked up within 5 business days (Monday-Friday)

– For expedite time please ask availability

Vaccine requirements according to applicant age: